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The government has failed to marginalize the informed and deepened the resolve to disclose.                                            Stephen Pitt  2014--2017
However, it is the unknown intelligent entities that have taken over the task. It is happening

MODEL ROCKETS ATTRACT UFOs.  Have UFOs taken over or supplemented U.S. air defenses?

The UFOs are small and of many shapes and colors.  Within seconds of a rocket launch the surrounding sky becomes populated with
small, intelligently controlled objects investigating independently and together on different rocket components.  Even a large grey orb
appeared to watch, while several tiny ~3" diameter orbs moved about and flashed quicker than the human eye-brain could comprehe
just a hundred yards away. Then, as we discovered on review, about 50 ft away, near our launcher. The camera duitifly captured the orbs.

So, these entities could be all over NASA and military launches, our airspace defences and orbital satellites, also in seconds?



Important note:
The required F.A.A. lighting configuration is shown. Compare
to UFO attempts to mimic plane markers in many of the
following images.


Most Recent Sighting Dates First:                                    2014-2017  Stephen Pitt


The sightings were recorded by digital camera and optics of four focal lengths: 200mm, 300mm, 498mm, and             
600mm. There are sequences focused on shape and color changes as well as object behavior, and motion
across and through clouds. Most fly at speeds beyond human perception, but not the cameras' electronics.
During nighttime they mimic airplane lights and layouts. A few are almost perfect. Most are not.  At these
relatively slow speeds, it's much less difficult to capture non-trailed images.  The daytime shots are mostly
blurred or fuzzy at a 60 frame per second movie rate.

Captured 1-26-2016     Nikon D5300, 300mm @ f5.6  1/30th - 1/60th sec  ISO800

_DSC2118  UFOs of different shapes and colors.


Captured 12/28/2015  Nikon D5300 300mm f5.6 

_DSC1985                               1/60  ISO800

Captured 11-28-2015  Nikon D5300  300mm f5.6 1/100th   Looking SE

_DSC1957           Possible Ghost Orb & Companion     6:33 PM   (flash)

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11-19-2015  Nikon D5300 and 300mm ED lens

_DSC1303 5:34 P.M.  See the 6-22-2015 page for barely visible
light on dark objects.


9-25-2015  Stellarvue 600mm, f6 triplet refractor and Nikon D5300
set at ISO=3200 (Objects), 200 (Moon), Bogen tripod

Objects captured from 7:54-10:30pm, with author and MUFON Field
Investigator Terry Ray present.

Click image(s) for series

Captured 9-23-2015  600mm f6 telescope, Nikon D5300

DSC_1675   8:15  UFOs on the aircraft's underside, out of
the pilot's view.

Captured 9-8-2015 with Nikon D5300 and 300mm f5.6 lens (auto)

DSC_2635   7:00 pm  A UFO and one corkscrew trail. There were more
than one UFO in the movie.

Captured 9-6-2015  using  300mm f2.8 lens, Nikon D5300, 
and Bogen 3036 tripod.

DSC_1538    8:40 pm

Captured 9-3-2015 using Nikon D5300 and 300mm lens at f=2.8,
ISO 800, and 250th/sec


_DSC0726       The "landing light" objects were captured before.           

Captured 9-2-2015      Nikon D5300  300mm lens at f2.8


Captured 9-1-2015  using a Nikon D5300 and 300mm lens at f5.6      

DSC_1282  The FAA lighting orbs have arrived


Captured 8-28-2015 8:10 pm  Nikon D5300 and 300mm f2.8 lens.  Full Moon off right side
(south) at 30-deg elevation


Captured 8-26-2015 
Stellarvue 102mm f6 refractor and Nikon D5300


Captured 8-22-2015 
Stellarvue 102mm f6 refractor and Nikon D5300

DSC_0737  - Detail

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Captured 8-10-2015  Stellarvue 102mm f6 refractor and
Nikon D5300


Captured 8-9-2015 

DSC_0433   Jet with elongate object

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Captured 8-4-2015  Stellarvue 600mm f6 telescope, Nikon D5300

DSC_0240   A green orb and jet get close

Captured 8-2-2015  8:16 pm, 300mm f5.6 Nikon D5300

DSC_0037  Orange orb over Box Springs Mountain

click images for series

Captured 7-25-2015 9:02 @ 600mm f6
DSC0240    A UFO and jet combination is commonplace.  As
this happens, the object's color, shape and size

Captured 7-16-2015 9:30  @ 600mm/f6
Captured 7-15-2015 @ 9:30: f6 102mm refractor, Nikon D5100.  
click images

Captured 7-14-2015 at 8:52 p.m., Nikon d5100, 18-200ED- f5.6

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Captured 7-12-2015 at 8:27 p.m. 

Captured 6-22-2015

Captured 6-20-2015
DSC3416  Polymorphism

Captured 6-18-2015     9:04 pm         


Captured    6-16-2015, 8:47 p.m.                                        
DSC3354  UFOs and jets again    

Click images to see the series

UFO 6-1-2015, captured 8:42 P.M. @200mm:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

DSC3171- During the Event:I initially suspected camera shake was behind
the strange, linear quality. Then I saw the orbs, which
were not shaken,
with the smoke-like trails led by two unknown objects.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Captured March 8, 2015 using Nikon D5100 stills and movies at 30 fps

DSC2911  3-8-2015: A day with model rockets and UFOs.  Click image for objects captured but
not fully realized for months afterward.  UFOs were attracted to the models, which weren't damaged.
Thats a UFO skyward.

During February and March 2015, multiple movies were captured midday at a suburban open field
in Southern California.  When the movies were examined, I found considerable evidence of orb-like
entities measuring under three feet in length/diameter, excepting one large orb-like form. Entities
engaged our rockets and every component after deployment of the parachute.

No harm came to the rockets. 


Looking back to 2000                   

In 2014, I "re-scanned" unknown object slides taken in 2000 immediately below and was surprised with the

The first images were taken 6-1-2000 after setting-up for sky imaging at Joshua Tree National Park using Fuji
Provia (fine grain film) for 8-10 sec with camera, an old F3 Nikon, scope-mounted to image galaxies near                             
the Big Dipper.  The time was about 9:00 p.m.

The primary object was spotted by my nephew, Bruce Cosgrove, using 10x50 binoculars.  It remained
stationary long enough to finish set up and capture two pictures each before vanishing.  We had no idea
there was a sudden increase in number of objects.  6

The slides were "re-scanned" using a Nikon digital camera delivering good resolution and sensitivity.                        
Each slide was placed on a tilted monitor's bottom ledge, backlit with Photoshop 255 white, then
imaged a Nikon 85mm portrait lens.

So, a decade and a half ago, I missed some bit depth and misread background objects before
scanning the two slides below having not noticed that the "stars" had changed position and number.
I chose slide 1,  the cause.  For 14 years, slide 2, the effect, was kept unseen in a  protective binder.


The smaller and dimmer objects might require darkening of the                                                                                          
viewing area to see clearly.
A magnifying glass can show more
detail, even at lossy.jpg conversion for the web.

Slide 1: Several smaller objects and the primary UFO                                                                                   

Slide 2  Taken moments later:       

At least five smaller objects accompany the primary UFO. 

  2014-2016   Stephen Pitt                                            

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