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Object Home~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Astrophotography Index~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ©Stephen Pitt 2014-16     

Looking East. During daytime and early evening, commercial aircraft take the same route. By 8 p.m. I would begin to see unusual objects.  By 10:30 the
inner space light show was mostly over.  There are exceptions: Red orbs fly to and from the Air Force base three miles away, North - South - North, possibly
to another AFB in the north. Some of the following images show backgrounds to elucidate more structure.  All are enlargements, some extreme.

These images go to the entity's polymorphic and polychromatic abilities.

The "aircraft" wing tip lighted orbs are mimicing FAA wingtip requirements.  What follows certainly do not. 

These objects appear to be emerging from behind something, possibly a cloud or membrane like structure of low mass and studded with tiny, mostly uniform
lights. The background is not an image of the sensor's pixels.  Those are aligned by a fixed grid.  They reveal zero patterning, some with both artifacts present.

Captured 9-3-2015    Nikon D5300 and 300mm f2.8, 1/60 - 250/sec

_DSC0595  8:00pm

_DSC0610   8:08  pm           All images enlarged

_DSC0612     8:10  pm

_DSC0618  8:12  pm                                       All images are enlargments

_DSC0621  8:17 pm            6 objects make a fake jet.


_DSC0655     8:23 pm                  7-Objects creating fake airplane.

_DSC0701  8:40 pm   Polymorphic and Polychromatic object series (1)

_DSC0702  8:41 pm   (2)


_DSC0703   8:41 pm   (3)

_DSC0704  8:47 pm   (4)

_DSC0714  8:48 PM   Three objects


_DSC0731  8:49 pm

_DSC0792   9:20 pm

_DSC0793  9:22 pm    The Morphing Jet Series

_DSC0794   9:22 pm


_DSC0795   9:22 pm

 _DSC0796    9-24 pm

_DSC0797    9-24 pm

_DSC0798    9-24 pm

_DSC0799  9:24 pm

_DSC0800    9:25 pm

_DSC0801    9:26 pm

_DSC0802   9:26 pm

_DSC0803   9:27 pm

_DSC0804  9:28 pm

_DSC0805    9:28 pm

_DSC0806  9:28 pm

_DSC0807  9:28 pm

_DSC0808  9:30 pm

_DSC0810    9:30 pm

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    _DSC0808                                                                                                                                          _DSC0809     9:30p