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DSC_0737    A very sharp triplet optic at f6 & Nikon D5300 1/30-1/60th sec. was used for this full field view.                                                                                                                              Two flesh coil head-topped pillars overlapped or joined by a bright shape?  Symbol?

Earlier that evening...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      © Stephen Pitt  2014-2016

_DSC3486  While photographing friends, I inadvertently caught something appearing ghostly.  A flash was used here and below, and could have affected object position.

_DSC3487  Both images were taken at 8:17 P.M, with flash. The view faces South, without the Moon in the image.  The white

                  unknown object, not in the above two images, accompanies the two nearly invisible ones, which moved after the
1st flash.The moon is just outside the images: It's location is indicated by the faint cresent shape on the larger object.