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Captured June-18-2015 9:02 pm   600mm f6 refractor-an extremely high resolution Stellarview triplet optic
DSC3402       A full frame view showing object size in the field. The following images are extreme enlargements from full size, as well. 

_DSC3395, DSC3396,.DSC3397

DSC3398, DSC3399, DSC3400, DSC3402                                                                                                                                                                               

So NASA is searching for extraterrestrial life forms light-years away shouting: Look!...way out there! 
Pay no attention to Earth's population of higher life forms flying over the parks, fields, cities, and
populating the clouds and commercial air traffic corridors.
Disclosure is presently under way on Earth.

They exist nearly everywhere I search. In broad daylight and moonlit to dark nighttimes.  A bright
orange orb, during one of it's changes, shows individual objects of tiny size unattaching and falling
toward the ground. There is a head-like form with 2 eyes occupying near-center position. That form
has a number of smaller, similar objects clustered on top.  I have recorded similar intelligently
controlled, polymorphic, polychromatic forms, some with bilateral symmetry. 

They are attracted to launched model rockets within seconds of motor burn out. That is, about 2-4
seconds after launch.  I do not feel our air defenses are that quick.


© 2014-2017  Stephen Pitt