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                                                                                                   Our Model Rockets Attracted UFOs in February and March 2015


            The first object on the scene almost immediately after launch was the object above. It was               The small orbs near the launch site flash when moving, the duration of which is in miliseconds.
            extremely small, faint and, in full view, barely discernable. The cigar-shaped object may show          Our human cognitive rate is too slow to register an image.  All in our party saw nothing unusual
            segmentation.  Along it's superior side are two orb-like objects located off-axis.  The pair                 at all that day.  Alhough the rockets were undamaged with no visible marks, the rockets appear 
            move together along the object's longitudinal axis. Most of these images are monitor                        to be embraced by several objects inside one minute of launch.  Our military can only dream of
screen captures.                                                                                                                                         such capability.  Superior technology like this could be way beyond that of our TR-3B.




Captured 3-8-2015 with Nikon D5100 and 18-200 ED lens                                               Small model rockets can fly well over 1000 ft.  Burn time is generally short and noisy.  The UFO arrived within seconds of engine burnout and parachute deployment.                                                                               
_DSC2924, _DSC2924, _DSC2925, The descending rocket body, nosecone, & parachute.  At right, a UFO-engaged rocket body is no longer black, but grey. The twisted shockcord and black nosecone now appear smooth white.

                                                                                      From movies taken 2-2015 & 3-8-2015 then imaged off the monitor using a Nikon D5100 with 18-200mm f5.6 lens  I had no idea there
                                                                                      were UFOs that day near or on the ground close to a launcher as well as near and attached to our launched model rocket until the videos
                                                                                      were examined later, frame by frame.  Surprise!  Because their movements are milisecond-quick, my sluggish cognitive rate can't catch the
                                                                                      micro-second appear/vanish cycle speed. 

                                                                                      When in the sky they travel fast enough to be invisible to humans. Time and technology yielded equipment capable of freezing the object's
                                                                                      path over time in increasing frame rate  They have exhibited at least partial invisibility, color changes, and polymorphism.  How far human
                                                                                      evolution lags behind Earth's other residents is unknown.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
                                                                                      _DSC1852  Two objects, an orb and a fast object upper right (see below).  The rate of target acquisition and arrival is around 2 seconds. A cigar-shaped
                                                                                      object seems to arrive first at the front of the rocket trail series below.  Since two other round objects of similar size accompany the small bright orb above
                                                                                      I cannot confirm their legitimacy.  They weren't observed moving, like the brighter one.

                                                                                                                                           _DSC2319        1.  Diffuse object over structure. See the series 2-8 below that
                                                                                                                                                                        shows object direction of travel and shape change.

_DSC2324,  _DSC2325, _DSC2326  The faint, elongate object moving south-east toward the mountain.                          


_DSC2332, _DSC2335-2-s, _DSC2336.  The spparently bi-lobed, hazy object(s?) moves roughly south-eastward before the mountain.                                      

                                                        _DSC2331  The parked object is now large, spherical and solid, like a smooth grey rock.   Compare it's size with the small yellow-orange/blue/white orbs below.

_DSC2211 Two orbs are visible. The tree line is about 100 yards away.  In  _DSC2212  Three orbs are present.  Some will move closer to a position approximately 50 ft away. 


_DSC2216    One orb and...blast off.    _DSC2181  Translucent orb in background trees, about 100 yds south of the launch pad. Note the latent bluish images on either side of the object. What I do know: Orbs can appear to vibrate.

_DSC1855   One blue orb and one warm neutral orb at the moment of launch. These may have moved closer.                _DSC1857    Four Orbs that move fast enough not to be seen, except by camera.


The following screen captures are extreme enlargements (see the 200mm f.l. rocket images above).
_DSC2270    A UFO engages the rocket body.  In  _DSC2179  Objects are attached to or near the parachute and nosecone.  Three components, two apparent UFOs.  Where is our rocket?    In _DSC2285  All three rocket components are engaged by UFOs. 
In_DSC_2575  the black rocket body and nosecone are covered by two fuzzy grey objects.                                                                                                                                                          

_DSC1844  Interested parties rapidly move to within 45-50 ft of the camera, as measured from the cast shadows near a launch pad. These objects would be approximately 2-3 inches in diameter.   In _DSC1830 above, a faint dark object joins more visible but fuzzy companions.                    

DSC_2462, DSC_2464, DSC_2465, and DSC_2468.  Isometric, end on, and side views. To better see the images of the craft the contrast was increased. The cigarcraft is barely visible.                                                                             

DSC_2463, DSC_2466, DSC_2538, and DSC_2557.  These are extreme enlargements.


_DSC1600  The snakehead-like shape with two dark and two light features.   In _DSC1820 the "snakehead" was the source of at least two dark and one light descending objects. Object 1 above is a tiny UFO. Object 2 came from it.
Object 3 is a dark triangular object with a black spot, and may have come from the snakehead, now absent dark objects ("eyes").  Again, these images of rockets at well over 1000-ft altitude have been enlarged, some substantially.                                                                                                                         
The photographic evidence shown speaks for itself.  This is disclosure incarnate and actually happening without any apparent governmental response.  Recently, I found objects and cells appearing in the clouds.  I'll post a link.

                                                                                                                         ._DSC2158  Object 2: An Unidentified Flying Object associated
                                                                                                                                           with several objects that followed a downward
                                                                                                                                           trajectory starting at the snakehead object(s) at
                                                                                                                                           upper right and moving to the lower left corner.

                                                              _DSC0516  View looking slightly west from the rocket launch site.  There are eight unknown objects.  These appear static and not at speed, as in _DSC1852 (top right of page).
                                                                                If the objects can be on a model rocket in seconds...  one might wonder: What sort of security system was employed and under who's control?